Saturday, August 12, 2017

Primary Caretaker of a Child and Two Cancer Patients Harassed to "Breaking Point" by HESAA

This letter was sent by a borrower as a means of seeking redress from continual harassment by HESAA. It describes in explicit detail how no matter how hard you try they do not care and will offer no assistance. The current state of affairs is that they are lions devouring peoples incomes, hopes and dreams. They represent everything that is wrong with the student loan system and must be stopped. I hope the State Assembly “leaders” Jasey and Schaer read this because they have no idea how hard it is to deal with this rotten “Authority.” They aren’t doing nearly enough and need to get with Senators Cunningham and Ruiz and support HESAA Abolition.

This is must read for anyone who wants to know what’s still wrong with HESAA even if they made it possible for the parents of dead kids not to pay, which is a small fraction of borrowers. Now we need relief for those of us still living.


To whom it may concern:

You're likely a person just trying to get by, like me. I get it. But I am at my breaking point.

HESAA has been garnishing my minimum wages since March, I believe. Isn't that enough? I mean, this is after me spending YEARS trying to get assistance with ADJUSTING my payments, not even eliminating them. Just helping me to pay them, since I work a minimum wage job part time and I CAN'T afford to pay my entire month's salary of $600 a month to student loans. And please don't tell me to get another job - because I am the
primary caretaker of a child and of two cancer patient parents, so there is no time. I've begged HESAA to meet me halfway, but they refuse. So I finally said, whatever. Let them take 10% of my wages. BECAUSE I CAN'T DO ANYTHING ELSE. If I was sitting on a mountain of money, I'd give HESAA what I owe just to get them out of my life.
That being said, for the love of all that is good, STOP SENDING ME AND MY COSIGNER MAIL about my loans. Please. Do you honestly think that I can manage to pay the bill other than through wage garnishment? You have my social security number - look up how much I make. I don't understand your logic. You're already slowly bleeding me dry, but now you want to treat me
like I actually have OPTIONS? What are those options? Enlighten me. Oh wait, there aren't any. Why? Because your organization falsely advertises itself as being a state entity (with the implication of government backed repayment), only to rope in people and enslave them for 20-30 years of their lives, all while lying and saying "we have options." Consolidation? Tried - didn't qualify. THAT'S IT. That's your huge wonderful customer service capacity. That's what you've told me.

I'm already giving you what you said you'd take. So do me a favor, and STOP SENDING ME AND MY CANCER PATIENT COSIGNER FATHER LETTERS before I sue you for years of on going  harassment. Trust me, I've been working on a lawsuit.

And you know what's even worse about all this? I used to work for HESAA. I gave four years as a temp, in honest full time work, all the while promised a permanent job. I know all the word games that are played in your brochures, because guess what? I once wrote about half of them, along with press releases and op-ed articles for HESAA. And just like all of your other empty promises, that full time job never came to fruition either.
In a way, I'm glad, because at least I don't have to lie on a daily basis to earn a paycheck, however small because of HESAA.

Chances are no one will bother to respond to this, but I feel a lot
better now. If on the extremely slim chance you'd like to have an adult conversation about readjusting my monthly payments to reflect my disposable income, I'd gladly talk to you. Otherwise, have a nice day.


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