Friday, August 18, 2017

Sample Letter to HESAA's Favorite Assembly Dems Schaer and Jasey

Our friend wrote this sample letter for those of you out there who need inspiration for what to write to them. Write about your truth and write often.

I wanted to share this email I sent to Asm. Schaer and Jasey.  Here is their original press release:

But, after reviewing HESAA's April Board Minutes--I find that is not at all the program they intend to offer. 
Assemblyman Schaer & Assemblywoman Jasey, 
In an April 20, 2017 Press Release, you boasted the following:  The resolution HESAA passed creates an income-driven repayment option for borrowers under the New Jersey College Loans to Assist State Students (NJCLASS) Loan Program. Beginning with borrowers who take out loans in the 2017-2018 academic year, individuals who cannot make the minimum payment on a student loan may pay 10 percent of disposal income over 150 percent of the federal poverty level ($18,090 for a single individual) for a maximum of two years. All such payments must be applied to the principal.
In response to your press release, I bring your attention to HESAA's April 19, 2017 board meeting minutes, which can be found here:   I ask that you both read the sixth paragraph on page 5, wherein HESAA proffered the income driven repayment program will not be available to ALL borrowers since "all of the families who borrow have sufficient resources to take this loan so this plan is meant to help in the event of catastrophic changes in circumstances."  

Your press release misleads prospective borrowers and their families into believing that ALL borrowers from 2017/2018 going forward can obtain an income driven repayment plan during the first two years of loan repayment, which is simply NOT the case and is not HESAA's intention.   It is clear that you are not on the same page with HESAA, and since you reported false information, it is now your duty and obligation to report that this income driven repayment option implemented by HESAA will be available only to those certain borrowers who qualify under what HESAA considers to be "catastrophic  changes in circumstances"--a term HESAA has conveniently failed to define.  

Unfortunately, current NJCLASS borrowers were misled when HESAA falsely advertised that borrowers would have "flexible repayment options", only to learn after their loan(s) went into repayment that the "flexible repayment options" applied to the repayment program the borrower chose at the time they took our their loans, i.e. Option 1, 2 or 3.   Your press release repeats HESAA's false advertising and will undoubtedly result in thousands more defaults after borrowers learn their approval into an income driven repayment plan will be based solely on a "catastrophic change in circumstance."  I am quite sure HESAA will not consider a recent college grads unemployed or underemployed status as a "catastrophic" change in circumstance. 

As stated in a recent letter to you both (to which I received no reply), I am clearly not happy with how either of you handled the current NJCLASS loan borrowers, especially after you stated,  

"Unfortunately, we cannot go back in time and assist the many NJCLASS borrowers who already have had the agonizing experience of declaring bankruptcy or dealing with collection agencies, but HESAA now has taken action that will benefit borrowers going forward, which ultimately will benefit the entire state."  

You caused many borrowers to feel they were not worth your time or were worthless.  I, however, refuse to allow another family to go through what HESAA has and continues to put my family through.  Should you fail to retract your press release and provide CORRECT information to the families of this State, then you will leave me with no other choice than to reach out to the many news outlet contacts I have and release this information to them myself.  Because families STILL have an opportunity to cancel their NJCLASS loans and consider more viable and affordable student loan financing options, time is of the essence.  

While I have lost all confidence in both of you, I do hope you will do right by the families of this State, sooner rather than later.  Either way, the families of this State with college-bound students will be be provided with details of the actual program HESAA is offering, as opposed to the program you described them as offering.

Assembly Dems Carrying Water For HESAA Devils

Below is commentary from a fierce fighter against HESAA who knows where various NJ politicians stand with regard to their private slush fund - oops I mean state-backed student loan lender. Read, learn, take action! Oppose Mila Jasey and Gary Schaer's spineless opportunism! 
Hey everyone,

Right now, from everything that I have read over the past few months, it appears these two assembly members have no intention in helping/assisting CURRENT NJCLASS borrowers. Mila Jasey pretty much summed it up when she stated, "Unfortunately, we cannot go back in time and assist the many NJCLASS borrowers who already have had the agonizing experience of declaring bankruptcy or dealing with collection agencies, but HESAA now has taken action that will benefit borrowers going forward, which ultimately will benefit the entire state."  Essentially, this results in a generation LOST!!

And, this statement alone speaks incredible volumes and shows what we are up against, especially with Schaer and Jasey  spearheading legislation that will only assist PROSPECTIVE borrowers. They have also introduced legislation in which they asked HESAA's executive director, Gabrielle Charette, to chair (unbelievably bad choice).  

Currently and technically, the legislature is off until September, but I do know that many Senators, such as Cunningham, Ruiz and Gordon are STILL fighting for us!! However, the Senate is not our problem--it is the assembly that needs to be convinced that WE--the CURRENT borrowers--cannot be forgotten---cannot be written off--need help.   I want you all to remember this when it comes time to voting because every single one of them is up for re-election.  We all need to education ourselves  as to what assembly members are in our districts. 
I would ask you all to write letters the old fashioned way (pen, envelope and stamp) to Schaer and Jasey.  Emails are not effective because they don't respond. Voice your disappointment in them as representatives of this State; tell them that they CAN assist CURRENT borrowers--remind them of what HESAA has put you through; provide a brief synopsis of your life living with this debt and/or default.  We need to make them listen--we need to make them help.  We need to remind them they are up for reelection.  Here are their addresses: 

Gary Schaer, 1 Howe Ave, Passaic, NJ 07055 and 

Mila Jasey, 511 Valley Street, Maplewood, New Jersey 07040.

Lastly, i think we should all start writing Gabrielle Charette, HESAA's Executive Director, as she has been going around saying that only 1% of their borrowers are unhappy and that they rarely get letters from borrowers unhappy with their NJCLASS loans--I believe this is a farce because there are over 60 people in this email chain and my son's petition on is 15 signatures shy of 1000--everyone needs to blast Gabrielle Charette with letters that summarize ALL the wrongs HESAA has done to them (I would suggest that a copy of your letter should also be sent to Senator Cunningham and the "cc" should be clearly noticed on the bottom of your letter) so that Charette knows Sen. Cunningham was copied.   Sen. Cunningham is the ONLY one that has publicly grilled Charette and Charette needs to keep fearing that.  

Here are the addresses: HESAA, Gabrielle Charette, Executive Director, 4 Quakerbridge Plaza, Hamilton, New Jersey 08619 and 

Sen. Cunningham's address:  1738 John F. Kennedy Blvd, Jersey City, NJ 07305.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Primary Caretaker of a Child and Two Cancer Patients Harassed to "Breaking Point" by HESAA

This letter was sent by a borrower as a means of seeking redress from continual harassment by HESAA. It describes in explicit detail how no matter how hard you try they do not care and will offer no assistance. The current state of affairs is that they are lions devouring peoples incomes, hopes and dreams. They represent everything that is wrong with the student loan system and must be stopped. I hope the State Assembly “leaders” Jasey and Schaer read this because they have no idea how hard it is to deal with this rotten “Authority.” They aren’t doing nearly enough and need to get with Senators Cunningham and Ruiz and support HESAA Abolition.

This is must read for anyone who wants to know what’s still wrong with HESAA even if they made it possible for the parents of dead kids not to pay, which is a small fraction of borrowers. Now we need relief for those of us still living.


To whom it may concern:

You're likely a person just trying to get by, like me. I get it. But I am at my breaking point.

HESAA has been garnishing my minimum wages since March, I believe. Isn't that enough? I mean, this is after me spending YEARS trying to get assistance with ADJUSTING my payments, not even eliminating them. Just helping me to pay them, since I work a minimum wage job part time and I CAN'T afford to pay my entire month's salary of $600 a month to student loans. And please don't tell me to get another job - because I am the
primary caretaker of a child and of two cancer patient parents, so there is no time. I've begged HESAA to meet me halfway, but they refuse. So I finally said, whatever. Let them take 10% of my wages. BECAUSE I CAN'T DO ANYTHING ELSE. If I was sitting on a mountain of money, I'd give HESAA what I owe just to get them out of my life.
That being said, for the love of all that is good, STOP SENDING ME AND MY COSIGNER MAIL about my loans. Please. Do you honestly think that I can manage to pay the bill other than through wage garnishment? You have my social security number - look up how much I make. I don't understand your logic. You're already slowly bleeding me dry, but now you want to treat me
like I actually have OPTIONS? What are those options? Enlighten me. Oh wait, there aren't any. Why? Because your organization falsely advertises itself as being a state entity (with the implication of government backed repayment), only to rope in people and enslave them for 20-30 years of their lives, all while lying and saying "we have options." Consolidation? Tried - didn't qualify. THAT'S IT. That's your huge wonderful customer service capacity. That's what you've told me.

I'm already giving you what you said you'd take. So do me a favor, and STOP SENDING ME AND MY CANCER PATIENT COSIGNER FATHER LETTERS before I sue you for years of on going  harassment. Trust me, I've been working on a lawsuit.

And you know what's even worse about all this? I used to work for HESAA. I gave four years as a temp, in honest full time work, all the while promised a permanent job. I know all the word games that are played in your brochures, because guess what? I once wrote about half of them, along with press releases and op-ed articles for HESAA. And just like all of your other empty promises, that full time job never came to fruition either.
In a way, I'm glad, because at least I don't have to lie on a daily basis to earn a paycheck, however small because of HESAA.

Chances are no one will bother to respond to this, but I feel a lot
better now. If on the extremely slim chance you'd like to have an adult conversation about readjusting my monthly payments to reflect my disposable income, I'd gladly talk to you. Otherwise, have a nice day.