Monday, July 31, 2017

Single Mother's Bank Account Drained by NJCLASS Payments

I want to thank this writer for contacting me. When you take that first step and tell your story, you demonstrate you are not going to tolerate this terrible and unjust treatment. My hats off to everyone going through this and not silently suffering. We need to show up for ourselves and start organizing! Don't give up the fight!

All writers (unless otherwise noted) are kept anonymous for the protection of the borrowers against HESAA retaliation. Contact Mark:

Hello Mark-

I came accross your blog today, I was looking for negative reviews of the NJ Class loans. My two children are living the Hesaa nightmare, it is absolutely horrific. I had no idea when we took out these loans the hell they would bring. My son's monthly payment on an approximately $42,000 balance is in excess of $800.00 per month. He can't get a full-time job  he works only part-time at the moment and all of his money goes to pay student loans, his anxiety level is so high he feels that he will never get ahead and certainly not be able to move out of my house. It is so depressing. Just this week my daughter's bank account was drained by NJ Class she also can't make the monthly required payment. They don't care that they took all of her money and left her with nothing to pay her rent and buy food for her single mom household.

It is absolutely disgraceful that they are allowed to do this. Both of my kids have had endless phone calls with their representatives trying to negotiate lower payments or a refinance and nothing can be done. I will be reaching out to the senators that you mentioned in your blog. Something must be done!

Thanks very much for what you are doing.

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