Thursday, March 16, 2017

UPDATE For HESAA Reform Legislation Call This Man

Below is an update regarding HESAA legislation. Please contact this man and tell him you need HESAA to change now, this bill would give income based repayment to NJClass loans. 

We wrote to our legislative Senator regarding the status of S2573/A4084 See the email below for the response.

I cannot preface to you ALL how important it is for us to band together and contact Assemblyman Speaker Vincent  Prieto's office--by phone AND email and literally beg him to get this bill on the floor.   Here is his contact information:  
Suite 205
Secaucus, NJ 07094
 PHONE NUMBER: 201-770-1303



  1. I am currently struggling with this issue; feeling overwhelmed and virtually hopeless. Thank you for what you are doing here, your site along with many others who are speaking up keep my hope alive. I believe it is our civic duty to speak up against wrongs, to expose those taking advantage of others. In upcoming weeks I will be making many calls, writing many letters and notifying every agency that will listen. Thank you for the inspiration, you are appreciated.

    1. Don't give up hope. Keep up the pressure. See my latest post on the HESAA Task Force.

  2. I too am dealing with HESSA hell. I have currently been summons. It's a scary thing. To think all I wanted was a loan to attend college and make it in the world. Unfortunately my loan defaulted in 2012 and since then I have been making payments to the law office collecting the debt and now I am in this rut and NO ONE GIVES A DAMN! They have demanded $20,000 that I do not have within the next 35 days. NJ HESSA is a foolish company along with their crooked law office! How do we get this on live news? How do we really get our voices heard!!!!!!????

  3. I called and his office said 4084 is out of committee. I encouraged a fast track to a vote on both bills.

  4. Thank you for all that you do! I just called his office and left a message. I also emailed him.

    For whatever reason, I can't see the email response in your post.

    Please keep us updated and let us know what else we can do to help this bill progress.

  5. "I hope all is well. I wanted to update you all on the status of the bill regarding income based repayment and loan rehabilitation. Unfortunately, it seems that the bill is not moving along like it should be and there is a possibility that it will not.

    Now, I know it is exhausting and upsetting to hear this news as we were all hoping for light at the end of the tunnel. This bill is extremely important and necessary for most of us and if this bill is not passed, there will not be any relief for current borrowers.

    I am asking you today to reach out to the primary sponsors via phone to question them and ask them why this bill is not moving along and to tell them you are in dire need of relief. They need to know that this bill is of an urgent matter.

    I know it might be difficult as office hours are typical business hours and it might not be easy for some to make these phone calls but every call will make a difference. They need to feel pressured to helping the majority. This truly is the last chance at reviving this bill. As time moves forward, there is a lesser and lesser chance that this bill will be voted on.

    Legislators are not writing new bills to help NJCLASS loan borrowers; therefore, this bill is the only bill that will help us.

    If you receive any news or information from your conversations with the offices, please let me know or if you need help on knowing what to ask please feel free to reach out to me.
    " email this

  6. Thank you all for doing your part!

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