Thursday, March 16, 2017

2016 Pulling on the Devil's Tail...HESAA Takes a (Small) Loss

2016 was a banner year for push-back against HESAA! This is really encouraging news and they must continue to be put in the spotlight by us debt slaves ...err "borrowers." Below are a smattering of informative articles about HESAA worth looking at before you involve yourself with these thieves. For those of you who already are, this should be encouragement to join in the fray and put yourself out there. This "Authority" needs to be abolished or at best reformed to administer grants only.  Enjoy!

This joint Propublica/New York Times article hit the web in July 2016 and helped galvanize a movement for HESAA reform. The follow up articles are also just as good, exposing HESAA for LYING to when we call them and not telling about ways to ease your pain while in repayment.

I encourage you to read Waldman's full coverage of last years struggle against HESAA that ended when state lawmakers made a token reform. Allowing parents of dead children not to pay back HESAA was a huge step forward however it only helped a small population climb out of HESAA Hell ....and then the whole issue was dropped. I'd like to think this humble blog played a part in this landmark win but...we need real reform! Such as full loan forgiveness or at very least some kind of income based repayment program, not years of default madness, creditors and destroyed lives.

One of the best pieces of journalism exposing HESAA, this is a must watch, thanks to NJTV News (I see you used the redacted document I made...)

Below are a smattering of other articles I've collected around the web.

Is there a part 2 jbrad?

Repost of one of my posts from a year or so ago.

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