Sunday, March 13, 2016

Ray of Hope: A Class Action Lawsuit Against HESAA?

Since 2014 a few brave souls have toiled in the bowels of HESAA HELL trying to echo the chorus of howling voices suffering in silence. While there has not been enough on the ground or legal action to back up our collective tales of woe that may soon be coming to an end - at least on the legal front. It all starts with our continued commitment to getting the word out about this important issue in NJ state politics and in the national political landscape. 

You, dear reader, should contact Mr. Larry Sarlo if you want to take part in the first ever class action lawsuit against HESAA. As he related it to me, this particular suit (there could be more to follow) rests on the idea that HESAA provided you what's called "false service" kind of like false advertising. According to Sarlo: "Anyone who has been served a lawsuit either through HESAA or any private student loan servicer should contact me via email," which is

He also said that the lawsuit is still in it's beginning stages and the lawyers he is working with are still setting up parameters for who will qualify for the suit. When you email him, prode some details about the suit you have been served with from HESAA and be sure to include your contact information. Other details to provide the lawyer are the circumstances under which you took the loan and the information you were provided about the loan, if any. Sarlo said if a borrower feels "their loan was provded in a way that it was never affordable in the first place or they thought they were dealing with state government rather than a private student loan" service, they should get in touch with him. I suspect there are many, many of you out there so send that email now to

This is a start to a long battle that we must take on ourselves because clearly the politicians like Sweeney and Christie are not on our side. The more people who think they qualify and get in touch with him the better. The significance of this, provided there are enough people in the suit, is that HESAA may at some time in the future be made publicly accountable for their horrible practices that stifle the productivity, suck the life energy and deplete the bank accounts of a generation. Like all movements, ours is starting slow but with time it will pick up the necessary steam to change these predatory student loan practices once and for all.

Never give up the fight and email this guy at your earliest convenience!