Monday, June 16, 2014

NJ CLASS Borrowers: Get In Contact With Me,!

Dear Friends of HESAA Hell,

You know you are burning and not just because it's the summer.  Some of you have the dead weight of HESAA loans to contend with and it won't just go away.  It's time to speak out, if only on an anonymous internet blog.  It's your turn to join millions of people who are fed up with the student loan scam.  Please take a few minutes and write to me your HESAA horror story. 

Hell, I'll entertain email from people who think HESAA is a great deal, even though the interest rates are above federal loans and have even fewer protections than the already abysmal protections that student loans have in general.  All voices are welcome, honest.

One question I'm always concerned with is: How much did you know about HESAA before you borrowed?  Did you know they were actually private, for profit loans being "guaranteed" by a state agency.  The only thing being guaranteed is that they will take your money!  Remember, college used to be a well funded option.  People could go to college for only hundreds of dollars a year, before the politicians used the economic downturn to wage war on people who work hard for a living for very little pay.  There has been no recovery for New Jersey and yet, we still have some of the highest tuition in the country.  Are you mad as hell?  Good!  Write me back.  Ok?