Wednesday, February 5, 2014

HESAA: Inflicting Pain On Us One at a Time...

This came in from a HESAA borrower who was tired of being bullied by this agency who supposedly works on behalf of us. We don't have to let them get away with this. Time to organize the fight back.


I am a fellow Hesaa Hell inductee. Upon graduation i was unable to find a job that was able to pay the $900 a month that hesaa wanted (mind you this is on top of my 300 dollar sallie mae loan payment). After 6 months of payments below their requirement my loan was put in default. My loan was sent to a lawyer. I continued to make payments but as of this past week i was told my payments would no longer be accepted and that the full amount of $67,000.00 was due.

When i said i didnt have that kind of money I was told that I should have thought about that before going to school and that I should consider asking my father to levy the house deed to pay for the loan since he is a cosigner. I told them that wasnt an option and then was told to ask a rich relative or someone with better credit to pay it for me and then i could pay them back.

Since when did getting an education become something that enslaves you in life crippling debt forever? And how are we suppose to help build our economy as recent graduates if student loans make it impossible for us to live on our own or live at all for that matter? The education system in this country is fucked, because once again big business and greed has rearrd its ugly head and our government is doing nothing to help its people.

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