Wednesday, January 15, 2014

HESAA Borrowers Unite!

So since starting this blog I realize it is going to be an uphill climb finding out all the information on HESAA.  They aren't necessarily a transparent state run loan sharking scheme, but I'm *going* to find something on them that I think deserves attention and is worth exposing in the media.

I'm also going to need your help!  There are so many of you out there.  Let me tell you a secret - we can win.  That's right.  We can beat these vampires back to their hell hole where they belong but only if we stand up for ourselves.  Only when we make it our job to put in a little time once a week for the cause of student loan borrowers everywhere.  This is a huge issue for the whole country and it isn't getting any much media attention but as I said above, it will.  I'm going to do my part.  Will you do yours?

Here's a great post I found on Yelp from some HESAA borrowers.  I added my own comment leading people here of course but those comments were written within the year.

Good job!  Thank you for using Yelp to talk about HESAA.  The only problem with online rants is that it doesn't end up doing anything substantial.  That is why I'm going to challenge you to get involved and start learning how to be an organizer.  Yup.  That's right.  There's no way around it.  You want change right?  The time when we just paid and paid and paid and didn't ask any questions and "thought we were doing everything right" is over.  Nothing about HESAA can be described as right!  So we need to change our mindset and start looking for other people who are in the same predicament as we are.  There is power in numbers.

Don't just get mad, it's time for us to get organized and we can start by calling on our elected officials to investigate HESAA.  We need to put the pressure on them for once, after all those years of them coming after *us* for what's left of our income!  I hope to hear from y'all soon.  We are only getting started and this is our fight.


  1. It is not HESAA it is your parents that caused your problems. If they would have or you worked while attending college you would have nothing to gripe about. It is about paying back a obligation that you signed for and now you need help for a problem you and your parents caused and you are blaming HESAA. Wow is this the new America?

    1. This person obviously WORKS for HESAA...block them

  2. Well, that's not a fair assessment.

    I don't agree with the victim mentality of this blog site, but working while in college for the purpose of paying your way through is not feasible if you intend to get your degree in 5 years.

    The cost is so high that you need a job in a salary range fit for the experienced middle manager or higher. If you go away to school, you'd have to be an executive to afford to pay your own way through school.

    Further, there are some college programs that specifically require that you do not work so it doesn't interfere with the rigorous workload of the program itself.

    Blaming HESAA is not the answer (some things are their fault, but not the cost of tuition or the fact that the loans exist), but neither is blaming parents.