Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Year's Eve 2013, A Hellish Resolution

Dear friends and extended family of ye who are eternally tormented by student loans.  Welcome to HESAA Hell where all things HESAA are prodded, poked, pilloried and of course, punished! Hopefully we will "assist" ourselves in resolving the enormous social and economic burden brought upon us by unmitigated greed of the bond holders behind New Jersey's premier student screwing organization: the Higher Education Student Assistance Authority or HESAA.

I will share the stories and background information on the State of New Jersey's faceless rip-off artists as it becomes available.  On this blog, however, the focus is on you, the borrowers in HESAA Hell.  It's time you told your story.  Go ahead, make it anonymous if you like but tell me you exist.  In hell, as it turns out, there is a certain comfort in knowing there are other sufferers.  

I hope this will be an informal network of people taking refuge from the harassment and the nagging feeling that this is all somehow your fault.  Let me tell you right now, it isn't.  You were caught in a well-laid trap by loan sharks posing as helpful financial lenders who want you to go to college. By the actions of HESAA most of us have figured out this was never true.  Eventually there will be a response from the borrowers and there's no time like the present to get this thing kicked off.  So grab your pitchfork let’s dive into 2014 and learn all about what it’s like to be in…HESAA HELL!

Email me your HESAA HELL stories I would love to read and publish them on this humble blog and with your kind permission. You are not a loan!

Write to me at Mark at HesaaHell@gmail.com

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